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Starting a Performance Management Initiative from Scratch, Step 2: Find a Sponsor Summary
Pick the right person for your project and your life will be much easier.

Topics: Performance Management

by Rob Roemers | 0 comments
Who Needs Data Governance? Summary
Data governance exists within your organization. Are you willing to take the passive approach or provide real value with a proactive acceptance of data as an asset.

Topics: Data Governance, Compliance

by Tom Breur | 0 comments
Business Intelligence Results Yield Business Wisdom Summary
Maureen Clarry interviews award-winning author Dr. Mary Lippitt about how her research on decision making applies to the business decisions supported by business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Management

by Maureen Clarry | 0 comments
Serving Two Masters Summary
Relational database vendors made a conscious decision that is bearing bitter fruit today the decision to turn their DBMS products into a one-size fits all technology.

Topics: Data Warehousing
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by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Search Engines GIGO Summary
Should we integrate textual data found on the Internet? Bill Inmon explores the possibility of textual analytics for Internet data.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics, Search

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
A Capability Model for Business Analytics, Part 3 Summary
In this final article of a three-part series, Dave Wells describes how the analytic capability assessment can be used to derive informative and actionable measures of analytic capability.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Operational Business Intelligence, Business Analytics
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by Dave Wells | 0 comments
Book Review of The Data Model Resource Book Summary
Steve Hoberman reviews Volume 3 of The Data Model Resource Book series.

Topics: Information Management, Data Modeling and Design

by Steve Hoberman | 0 comments
Master Data Management Checklist #2: Organizational Preparation Summary
David Loshin's first checklist focused on identifying the business processes whose success was impeded by the absence of a unified view of master data, or that could be significantly improved by master data consolidation. This checklist centers on readying the organization for MDM and socializing the concepts that accompany a transition to centrally managed corporate information resources.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Predicting the Future Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us that predicting the future is a very worthwhile activity if it can actually be done with any degree of accuracy, and he reviews the various approaches that can be used.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Economic Downturn: Why Performance Management is Key to Emerge Stronger Summary
There is no escaping the harsh reality of the current economic climate. Execution of the decided-upon strategy is key and, performance management is the combination of processes, methodologies and tools that will help you ensure success.

Topics: Performance Management

by Toon Puissant | 0 comments
Data Quality Control - Why You Want a “Novelty Detector” in Your ETL Summary
This article describes how to design test programs along with your ETL to provide monitoring of data content quality.

Topics: Performance Management

by Tom Breur | 0 comments
Starting a Performance Management Initiative from Scratch, Step 1: Create Awareness Summary
This is the first in a series of articles to highlight best practices to begin a performance management initiative.

Topics: Performance Management

by Rob Roemers | 0 comments
Pet Peeves Summary
Bill Inmon shares issues he has with software vendors and network reconfigurations.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Development Processes in Data Warehouse Environments Summary
BeyeNETWORK welcomes new channel leader Ronald Damhof, an information management architect who will write on data management issues.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Information Management, Operational Business Intelligence

by Ronald Damhof | 0 comments
Wrestling with Corporate Contracts Summary
In this article, Bill Inmon recommends that executives get the "corporate jewels" contained in their contracts into an integrated database.

Topics: Information Management, Unstructured Data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments

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