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Considering the Usability of Flawed Data in a Big Data Analysis Summary
When dealing with big data, known errors in even one-tenth of one percent of the data can involve an enormous number of records. David Loshin discusses that scenario and provides 3 ways to deal with flawed data in such situations.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Valuable Intelligence from Big Data: A Q&A with Keith Cooper of Connotate Summary
In this Spotlight interview, Keith Cooper, CEO of Connotate, talks with Ron Powell about deriving insights from big data on the web.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
EMC Brings Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise: Q&A with Michael Howard of EMC Greenplum Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Michael Howard, EMC Greenplum's Vice Presdident of Marketing. They discuss how EMC Greenplum is assisting their customers in overcoming the challenges of big data analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Massively Scalable Big Data Analytics in the Cloud: A Q&A with Mike Lamble of XtremeData Summary
In this Q&A interview with Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK, Mike Lamble, President of XtremeData, explains their massively scalable database management system for big data analytics. Mike explains that XtremeData is a row-oriented MPP DBMS that runs on the cloud and bare metal at all scales.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: A Spotlight Q&A with Rod Johnson of Oracle Summary
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Rod Johnson, Oracle's Vice President of Industries Strategy, Industries Business Unit, about the growth of big data and whether or not companies are prepared to take advantage of big data opportunities.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
In-Memory Data Grids for Analytics on Fast-Changing Data: A Q&A with William Bain of ScaleOut Software Summary
In this Q&A Interview, William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software, talks with Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK about in-memory data grids for analytics on fast-changing data.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Information Delivery Snags Create Big Data Bottleneck Summary
Big data analytics applications require high-performance data availability. Unfortunately, thereís one key part of many IT infrastructures that isnít prepared to meet that challenge. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Personal Impacts of Personalization Summary
David Loshin looks at the impact of inferred personalization and questions whether it prevents presentation of fair and accurate information.

Topics: Analytics, Search

by David Loshin | 0 comments
The Big Data Bottleneck, Data Visualization and Data Stewardship Summary
The November edition of BI Trends + Strategies," data visualization, data stewardship and the big data bottleneck.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Stewardship, Visualization, Big data

by Jean Schauer | 0 comments
Insights into the NoSQL Environment: A Spotlight Q&A with Pramod Sadalage of ThoughtWorks Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight, Pramod Sadalage of ThoughtWorks talks with Ron Powell about NoSQL Distilled, the book Pramod co-authored with Martin Fowler.

Topics: Information Management, NoSQL

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Everything Executives Need to Know about Open Source BI: A Spotlight Q&A with Lyndsay Wise
by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Corporate Performance Management in the Cloud: A Spotlight Q&A with John Herr of Adaptive Planning Summary
John Herr, CEO of Adaptive Planning, talks with BeyeNETWORK's Ron Powell about how Adaptive Planning is disrupting the corporate performance management market with their affordable, cloud-based solution.

Topics: Performance Management, Cloud Computing

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Power, Reach of Analytics Pose New Ethical Dilemmas Summary
Analyze, analyze, analyze. Thatís the mandate in many companies. But to avoid negative repercussions, itís wise to proceed with caution and consider the moral issues created by powerful analytics tools. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments
Turning the Predictive Analytics Model on its Head: A Spotlight Q&A with Simon Arkell of Predixion Summary
Ron Powell talks with Simon Arkell, CEO and Co-Founder of Predixion Software, about their unique and disruptive approach to predictive analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data Needs Context Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us that in order to understand unstructured data, especially when dealing with big data, context is required.

Topics: Information Management, Data Warehousing, Unstructured Data, Big data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments

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